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     I'm an artist, living in Anchorage, Alaska since 1976.   I'm from the North Shore of Chicago; left there in 1971 to go to West Point, graduated in 1975 and then came to Alaska.  Upon leaving West Point and having played hockey all four years there, Coach Riley said, "Go to Anchorage. They have a good team there." So I did!  I started painting my senior year at West Point and  continued to paint steadily, but with more frequency over the last 10 years or so. 


 George Clark, artist - email - gclark91@gmail.com 



Canoeing on Swan Lake, Kenai Peninsula

West Point Hockey Pictures

Coach Riley, Dave Merhar and Me at Hall of Fame Weekend 2008
Goal on a Penalty Shot

Go to page 4 to view the videos of the Jersey Retirement Ceremony and speeches by Brian Riley (coach), myself, Dave Merhar and Dave Rost- great videos -  very moving.

Coach Riley and me
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